Low Cost, Feature Packed Point of Sale ECR From COS Business Machines

Quick, reliable and simple

X/Z Keylock / Draw Lock
1 Station Drop in Thermo – Printer, paper roll 57mm
 5.2 Lines per second
 Keyboard with 48 raised keys
 Operator Display – 10 digit alpha-numerical
 Customer Display – 10 digit numerical
 16 Departments, – 12 digit alpha text
 8 Operators, 4 tax rates
 4 Headlines, 3 Footers, 24 digit alpha text
 4 Currencies, calculator function
 Electronic journal, training mode
 Password,A finance report, daily, monthly
 PLU report, clerk report
 Large drawer with 4 bills, 8 coins: illustrated overleaf
 Small drawer with 3 bills, 8 coins: compact illustrated


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Important Sales information for your business: X/Z Department+ cash totals -via cash total button X/Z Department+ PLU Report-via PLU Report button X/Z Department+ Clerk -via Clerk button Term report X2/ Z2-Index 99-via cash total button Training X/Z-Index 88-via cash total button Electronic Journal-Read- X position- via sub total button Clear EJ-Z position via cash total button