Chip and Pin

Integrated / Standalone Chip and Pin with our POS Solutions

Integrated or standalone Chip and PIN gives your customers a faster, more efficient service enabling you to take more money and giving you better control of your business finances. An integrated solution resolves the issues of error caused by double entry, and improves reconciliation, time at the till and mounting queues. We partner with Payment sense for a simple and seamless solution

The iWL252 Bluetooth terminal is programmed to provide a secure, wireless
payment solution that allows merchants to take payments via bluetooth
anywhere within their restaurant or retail location. You can use the terminal as a stand-alone terminal or integrate with a (POS) System. We also have countertop solutions available

  • Description


Payment Solution

  • Easy Install
  • Integrated with Point of sale Or Standalone
  • Superfast Setup
  • UK Based
  • Works with all merchants
  • Countertop or Wireless Solutions